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Overall Appearance: Sonny’s Boxing Gym
Best Adaptation to the Theme: Rainbow Ladies
Most Entertaining: Sun City Poms

Thank you to ALL of the entries who participated in the parade! We hope to see you again in 2017!

October 26 -29, 2017

When you ask most longtime Avondale residents about their memories growing up here, many of them will inevitably mention Billy Moore Days, a tradition named for Avondale’s founder, and celebrated for more than five decades in Avondale.

Billy Moore Days will take place in Historic Avondale October 26 – 29, with the return of  the event’s favorite elements including the Billy Moore Days Parade and Carnival, and marks the 71st anniversary of Avondale’s incorporation.

Check back soon for more information about the parade and entertainment!

Event Schedule Overview: TBA Announced

Thursday, October 26

  • Carnival Rides

Friday, October 27

  • Festival

Saturday, October 28

  • Parade – TBA
  • Festival to follow

Sunday, October 29

  • Carnival Rides