Former Participants

Were you at one time a Billy Moore Day Parade Grand Marshal, Governor or Miss Billy Moore Contestant?  Do you know someone who was (see the list below)?  If so we want you (or the person you know) to be a part of this year’s parade!

We would like to invite you to ride on a float in the parade with other past Grand Marshals and Miss Billy Moore day Participants from year’s past.  Your name will be printed in the program and announced as you pass by the announcer towers.

Scroll down to view our list of past Grand Marshals and Miss Billy Moore Day contestants.

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Billy Moore Days- Grand Marshalls/Governors 

1960- Governor Paul Fannin
1963- Grand Marshal Lou Scarla
1966-  Governor Sam Goddard
1967-1974-Governor Jack Williams
1974 – Grand Marshal Doc Rhodes
-Parade Grand Marshal Ernest Thomas William Coulter
1975- Grand Marshal Lattie Coor
1976- Governor Raul H. Castro
– Grand Marshal Elsie P. Skubitz
1978- Grand Marshal E.D. Hazelton
1980- Grand Marshal Bill Tainter
1981- Grand Marshal Harold Porter
1982- Grand Marshal O.K. Fulton
1984- Grand Marshal Dick Force
1985- Grand Marshal Dessie M. Lorenz
1986- Grand Marshal Ron Wood
1987- Grand Marshal Anna Howe
1988- Grand Marshal Pete Espil
1989- Grand Marshal Pauline Hazelton and Grand Marshal Chauncey B. Coor
1990- Grand Marshal Lowell Riefkohl
1991- Grand Marshal Frances Amabisca
1992- Grand Marshal Brigadier General Ralph T. “Tom” Browning
1993- Grand Marshal John Farris
1994- Grand Marshal Maida Gaefcke
1996- Grand Marshal Rose Brown
1997- Grand Marshal Lila Schneider
– Division Marshals: Rick D’Amico and Kathleen Bade
1998- Grand Marshal Jim King SR.
– Division Marshals: Ten-y Eisenberg and Dan Beach
– Parade Grand Marshal Bonnie Moste1t
1999- Grand Marshal Jean Stewait
– Division Marshals: Brigadier General John L. Barry, Avondale Vice Mayor Henry Beltran– deceased, and Bill Mosley
2000- Grand Marshal Chuck Lakin
– Division Marshals: Paul Verburg, Ron Nix, and PIR Pace Car
2001- Grand Marshal   Raul Chavez
– Division Marshals: Paul Adams, George Pickett, Mark Gaillard, Dan Caudle and Marshal Trimble
2002- Grand Marshal Don Mellon – In contact with
– Division Marshal: Julie Jones
2003- Grand Marshal Wallace Denny– deceased
-Division Marshals: Bonnie Moste1t, Jean Steward-Ruth, Je1Ty Squire, and Roger   Archibald
2004- Grand Marshal Lee Ullman– deceased
– Division Marshals: Aaron D. Davenpmt and Frank Balkcom SR.
2007 – Sharolyn Hohman
2008 – Linda Farris
2016 – Belin Moreno

Miss Billy Moore Days

  • 1979-80:  Miss Billy Moore– Barbette Propps Zigler
    1st Runner up– Margo Meese

    • Vickie Brittain
    • Mary Ellen Contreras
    • Corinne Hofmann
    • Kimberly Johnson
    • Kelli Shipp
    • Rosealyn Bartell
    • Waneva Allen
    • Gloria Contreras
  • 1978: Miss Billy Moore- Sheri Stipsky
  • 1975: Miss Billy Moore– Lori Warmoth
  • 1974: Miss Billy Moore– Jeanie McDonald
  • 1973: Miss Billy Moore– Debbie Aragon
  • 1972: Miss Billy Moore– Patti Sesow
  • Miss Billy Moore (year unknown)- Bev Hartley and Don   Enz
  • 1981:  Miss Billy Moore 1980-81: Waneva Allen

    • Kelly Gilchrist
    • Laurie Jo Hillam
    • Constance Briggs
    • Lisa GilchristShevon Johnson
    • Kelli Naifeh
    • Colia Adams
    • Lorri Macleod
  • 1982-83: 2nd Runner up– Melissa Gilmore
  • 1983: Miss Billy Moore  – Cheryl Cook

    • Natalie Abbott
    • Nikki Beaumont
    • Cheryl Cook
    • Tammy Crowder
    • Kathleen Halsey
    • Corinne Marie Hofmann
    • Kathy Loraine
    • Rebecca Marshall
    • Gaylene Moyers
    • Margarita Oviedo
    • Laura Rayner
    • Sheri Zinkl
  • 1984: Miss Billy Moore– Shawna Guess
  • 1985:

    • Lissa Wallick
    • Regina Wichman
    • Tanya-Lisa True
    • Stacey Baker
    • Cara Moyers
    • Dimpy Chawla
    • Melissa Fryman
    • Ronda Rayner
    • Jackie Kennedy
    • Christie Chatfield
    • Christiana Pace
    • Laura Worthy
    • Nicole Ayerza
    • Liz Lessard
    • Kelly Chandler
  • 1987: Miss Billy Moore– Phoung Nguyen
  • 1988: Miss Billy Moore– Anne Shassetz
    Honorary Miss Billy Moore– Vi Roe
    1st runner up– Jamie Session
    2nd runner up- Kathleen Berger
    Miss Congeniality- Shari Messerschmidt

    • Jahala Smith
    • Samantha Contreras
    • Anne Shassetz
    • Shari Messerschmidt
    • Kathleen Bergerd
    • Jamie Session
    • Kimberly Price
    • Lucinda Lopez
    • Melinda “Mendi” Eckert
    • Rebecca Osterfield
    • Padma Rao
    • Stephani Taylor
  • 1989: Miss Billy Moore– Marta Wiley
    1st runner up– Tawnya Naylor 2nd runner up– Rachel Jones Contestants:

    • Natasha Allen
    • Tiffany Tucker
    • Lisa Phillips
    • Cristal Rodgriguez
    • Erica House
    • Jeanine McCray
    • Cyndi Buttes
    • Dawn Mullan
    • Samarra Johnson
    • Tawnya NaylorRachel Jones
    • Marta Wiley
  • 1990-91: Miss Billy Moore– Nichole Roderick Miss Congeniality– Lori Nellesson
    1st runner up– Maile Carpenter
    2nd runner up– Tiffany Dringman

    • Nichole Roderick
    • Heidi Sears
    • Lori Nellesson
    • Janet Kraus
    • September Holchstetler
    • Maile Carpenter
    • Lisa Barnes
    • Cristi Loertscher
    • Melissa LaRue
    • Tiffany Dringman